Opens 2019


Our city holds the title of the European Youth Capital for the year of 2019!

While the title belongs to all young people who live in it, European Youth Capital Novi Sad is the association which implements the program along with its partners, thanks to which Novi Sad has received this prestigious title.

After Novi Sad was declared European Youth Capital 2019 in Varna (Bulgaria), the team has been made, the program has been broken down and clear goals have been formed!


We encourage active participation of young people in the society! By different mechanisms, programs, advocacy and work, by the end of 2020, we will colour the city in OPENS colours and open our door to the young people towards the realization of their dreams!



As an intercultural and open city, without prejudices, Novi Sad and #OPENS2019 promote the spirt
of communion and understanding, as one of top priorities. We want to be a positive example of
coexistence at the European level – an example of intraregional, intercultural cooperation and
coexistence of 26 nationalities.



European Youth Capital is additional opportunity for the promotion of European values and
European integration of Serbia. Novi Sad and Serbia are a part of the European family. Our city is the
leader in several projects at the level of Europe, and also the place through which more than half a
million young people will go by the end of 2020.



The voice of young people must be heard! We strengthen mechanisms which include young people in the process of making decisions directly related to them; we empower new generations of young

people, who are active and equal parts of society. Novi Sad can be a pioneer at the European level, by the implementation of permanent co-management structure in the youth policy.



We invite young people to take active role and responsibility in the formation of their own future.
We encourage them to influence the life of local community and its political processes, to constantly
create initiatives for the greater autonomy of young people and the realization of their rights. We
support young people who are willing to participate in the processes of decision-making and be
initiators of changes within their community, and even outside of it.

How? The first steps have already been made by the establishment of Novi Sad Youth Forum, Youth
Council of the Major, and by the increase of the budget for young people in Novi Sad.


Novi Sad is a city in which the energy of young people can be felt in the air. Whether these are festivals, sport activities, education, activism – young people are the driving force of all events in the city. Therefore, Novi Sad is proud of its title of European Youth Capital 2019 – #OPENS2019!

Before winning the title, Novi Sad was the pioneer of the youth policy. Systematic care of young people has been developed since 2010, though an action plan for young people, as well as from the part of the city budget for the creation of personal content in the city and participation in decision-making city-wide.

The title of the European Youth Capital is a significant recognition for young people and the confirmation that they are doing something good. It is also an opportunity for Novi Sad to become a go-to place for young people from Serbia, the region and Europe in 2019. Through the #OPENS2019 program, young people will get the new premises for youth clubs, centres, info points, improved
health and social services in the city, support to create and innovate, an opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills, exchange experiences and opinions with young people from Europe, an opportunity to influence the development of their city.


The primary motivation is to keep Novi Sad the city of young people even after 2019, the city in which young people are active citizens, the city which will encourage all other cities to create their contents for young people and the city to which young people willingly come and stay.

Our main principle is to see young people as the positive resource for the development, and not as a problem which should be solved. By responding to the needs of young people, we improve the quality of their lives and participation in social and political processes.

We want Novi Sad and Serbia to open their door to Europe!


Young people use the opportunities and create the contents they want in Novi Sad, the city which has the established system of the youth policy.


The establishment of the sustainable system of youth policy which promotes empowerment and networking of all participants of youth policies.


Vukašin Grozdanović

OPENS 2019 Coordinator

Nataša Igić

Institution Cooperation Coordinator

Valentina Antić

International Cooperation Coordinator

Aleksandra Ilijin

Program Coordinator

Ivana Miloradov


Mladenka Tošić

Marketing Coordinator

Nina Latinović

Event Organisation Coordinator

Dejana Baltes

Youth Activity Coordinator

Srđan Lutkić

Financial Coordinator

Vanja Boškić

Office Manager

Vojislav Prkosovački

Novi Sad Volunteer Service Manager

Katarina Živanović

International Cooperation Coordinator Assistant

Mladen Ilić

Youth Activity Coordinator Assistant

Ivana Čižmešija

Financial Coordinator Assistant

Dobrila Marković

Program Coordinator Assistant

Jelena Karać

Youth Activity Coordinator Assistant