23 Aug/2019 Objavljeno u News

Forget everything that you have known about a spectacle by now. Forget everything that you have known about September, autumn and new school years. Because since the year of 2019, September gets a completely new vibe and it will be completely coloured by the energy of young people. Welcome to OPENS Distrikt.

OPENS Distrikt is a unique international festival of street culture, art and sports which brings the world superstars to Novi Sad. And it begins with – youth camp.

OPENS Distrikt Camp

Youth camp will be held in Novi Sad from 5 to 16 September, and it will gather around twenty young people from all previous European Youth Capitals (and a future one: Amiens 2020), as well as young people from Novi Sad. During the ten days of the camp, the participants will go through DJ and graffiti painting workshops, they will get to know Novi Sad, European Youth Capital, the citizens of Novi Sad, local customs and legends of the Blok, and especially the neighbours from the local community of the Youth Movement.

The participants will have the chance to show the newly gained knowledge at the central event of the festival.

Hood Party

Why are there Youth Capitals; how to encourage interaction of young people with local community, how to include them and empower them; how to open the community for issues and ideas of young people; how to mutually direct different groups of young people to mutually achieve something? The direct answer to all these questions is the hood party. No matter how local it seems, this is the heart of everything that OPENS does. That is an opportunity to directly include young people from the local community in the activities of OPENS, who will, apart from hanging out at the party itself, have the chance to participate as the hood in the organization of events (preparation for murals and hosing OPENS programs). The party, i.e. hanging out with the neighbours from the hood is also a way of saying thank you to the community which has hosted OPENS, artist from the region, young people from Europe at the camp and which has been “OPENS Distrikt” for a week.

The Hood Party will be organized at the playground near the premises of the local community, and young people from the camp, artists, pupils of School of Mechanical Engineering and of course, neighbours are invited. Young people from the camp from DJ workshops are in charge of music, there will be nylons and sprays, so we will see the results of what has been learnt in the previous days right away.

OPENS on the Road: Finals

The fact that street art can open 100 doors and connect the region has been proved in the last year, giving murals to the cities in the region. After Zagreb, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Thessaloniki, Podgorica and Budva, after thousands of kilometres, cans of spray, new friends and stories, the last puzzle is coming to Novi Sad. From 10 to 16 September, within the OPENS Distrikt, with the help of friends gained on that road, we will paint Novi Sad. Among the trees and facades of the Blok, among the students and within the University campus or somewhere between the cities of European Youth Capitals, one of the most important graffiti artists, including the OPENS resident Petar Petrović Piros, we will transform Novi Sad to creative OPENS Distrikt and mutually send the message of peace of young people in the region.

FISE World Series

The finals of OPENS Distrikt move us between the old core of the city and university quarter – to the large plateau of Sport and Business Centre of Vojvodina. At the world largest ramp for BMX, skate and scooter, as well as the largest platform for freestyle BMX exhibitions, the hurricane of world famous names and extreme sports that leave us breathless is coming.

Modern and engineered skate park, with amazing organization of the competition itself, brings world-famous names of BMX, skate, scooter and roller skates.

On 14 and 15 September, there will be choreographies of laser flips, inline, romobils and other disciplines and tricks.

Our district has eaten the city and is divided in smaller quarters. If 825 square meters of the area of the spine ramp can be called a “small” quarter, welcome to the location number one.

All day on Saturday and Sunday, and after the entire day when the space will be open for all citizens of Novi Sad to try out some of the escapades, in the evening, there will be a spectacle. The world champions are coming together to Novi Sad for the first time, before the competition in Budapest. We will see the best stunts and skirmishes before the following competition, with the music background and inevitable hip hop performances.

The following quarter is right next to this one and it is around the 100 square meters of Flatland where we will see how BMX is ridden on wheels, paddles, how it is being turned over and everything that BMX does. Again, with the control of the world-known sportsmen.

A few steps away, there is a shopping quarter with Slavic Trash Market, bakedancers and everything that follows the culture of street art.

And through the vein knocker that connects all that, we will add graffiti and graffiti artists from the Youth Camp.

The arrival of excellent young sportsman and organization of FISE show will open new door to young people from Novi Sad, make them interested in innovation action sports, give them a chance to try them out and move the sports scene among young people in Serbia in general.

And we have only scratched the first few days of September, because OPENS Distrikt is coming and changing September.