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We welcomed fall in Novi Sad at OPENS Distrikt. The Vujadin Boškov plateau in front of SPENS was a place there more than 7 thousand people per day came to appreciate the unbelievable tricks and escapades of world-class FISE sportsmen in Skate, BMX, Rollers and Scooter category. The majority had never heard about them, which did not decrease the surprise and amusement. That is how the Novi Sad Presents category was made. Young people from Novi Sad, but also cities of Serbia, more precisely the bravest among them, had the chance to try out and learn a new trick from their role models.

“The feeling of riding on the ramp is unbelievable. We miss a ramp like this in a city. When I am on it, it is much more frightening and hard. I would like to have it here longer”, Luka Drobac, a pupil says. OPENS Distrikt is an international festival of street culture which was honoured by top fifteen world stars of extreme sports. Street art is an integral part of Novi Sad. At the streets of the city, we can see the citizens of Novi Sad riding bikes at the quay, using scoters as a means of transport or surfing on skates on the streets on daily basis. Distrikt is a place which attracted audience of different nature, from the youngest ones to the oldest ones who did not manage to hide the amusement from their faces.

“Since that I have not had the chance to see any of the participants live, this is perfect. I could not even guess how good they are. I liked Diako Diaby (rollers) the most, who looks like he was born on that ramp and who rides too well”, Kolja Bogdanov, a participant said.

The audience were not the only ones with positive impressions and smiles on their faces. The participants hosted by the city brought good impressions and energy of the audience with them. A lot of them inspired people around themselves, by tricks but also their life stories.

“This is definitely the largest event organized in Serbia in relation to extreme sports. FISE, which set the ramp, is one of the largest names in this sport. For now, I am the first and the only man who rides WCMX but I hope that some new kids will follow my wheels… not steps”, Nemanja Radičević, a participant says.

Nemanja has one message for young people who are afraid to try this type of sport, not to listen to other people but to follow their hearts.

Tatjana Ninić

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