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30 Jun/2018
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The master of digital marketing, history teacher, owner of youth hostel, founder of website which
promotes eco-tourism and, let’s say, an amazing Brazilian…actually have more things in common. To
begin with, they are all young and know a lot about online marketing and youth tourism, even
though the paths that have led them to such experience are completely different. Therefore, OPENS
decided to connect them all by the Conference on Youth Tourism which will be held within OPENS
Youth Fair on 11 July in the Eđšeg Castle in Novi Sad.

“At this conference, we will talk about digital marketing and trends in the youth tourism, examples of
good practice and the ideas of young people on how to introduce their city to the young people from
the region and Europe. We realised that there is a gap between supply and demand at the market.
Young people are offered one thing, while they search for completely different things. Next year,
Novi Sad will be the centre of young Europe, more than half a million people from the whole Europe
will go through projects and activities organised by OPENS with its partners, and we think that it is
important for us to be the ones to open that dialogue, and Youth Tourism Fair is a great opportunity
to do that”, Valentina Antić, OPENS International Cooperation Coordinator explains.

Therefore, the conference becomes the opportunity for dialogue, equally important for young
people and hotels, hostels, caterers and institutions which deal with the development of tourism.
The idea is to remind ourselves on the significance of youth tourism which becomes more and more
popular in Serbia.

Also, the professional jury will choose the best tourist Manual (guide) about Novi Sad for young
people, which the young citizens of Novi Sad have created within the “OPENS Challenge”


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