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The team of European Youth Capital is in the four-day visit to Brussels during “European Week of Regions and Cities” in order to, once again, present its program and establish long-term partnerships.

The first day was booked for the visit to “Youth for Exchange and Understanding – YEU” office with which OPENS has long-term cooperation. The reason of the visit is the establishment of partnerships at the European level, as well as the discussion about future, after the year of the title and the sustainability of the program.

“When organizations from Novi Sad have many contacts with Brussels and European organisations, it is logical that we are here every year, traditionally, at European Week of Regions and Cities, to present Novi Sad, OPENS and what we do. We are looking how we can make long-term programs from the partnerships established here. The results are already here, because everything we have done with partners from Europe until now was initiated at events like this”, Vukašin Grozdanović, OPENS Coordinator explains.

Youth for Exchange and Understanding – YEU is a network which deals with the promotion of differences among young people at the territory of Europe. The organisation is represented in twenty nine countries and deals with exchanges, trainings about different topics and exchange of experiences among young people across Europe.

“European Youth Capital is one of the best initiatives I have seen so far, not only according to what is planned but according to what has been done. So many young people with such a lot of enthusiasm are rarely seen at the European level, and Serbia has been singled out for that. I hope OPENS will retain the support and energy even after the year of 2019 and that Novi Sad will be and remain one youth capital, not only in 2019 but for many more years to come”, Tamara Gojković, Secretary General of YEU says.

Within European Week of Regions and Cities, European Youth Capital visited the reception of the Mission of the Republic of Serbia to the European Union at Brussels. Like it had been the case last year, OPENS received the opportunity to present the results of the ten months of work to all guests. In the following days, the team will be hosted by the Committee of Cities and Regions and the event organised by European Youth Forum where three more European Youth Capitals will be presented.

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