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We entered the year of 2019 younger, with 365 days for new opportunities and possibilities. This will be the year in which the energy, creativity and innovations of young people are seen more brightly through cultural, political, economic, social life of Novi Sad and numerous youth programmes.

And for us, the year will begin on 26th January through several activities.

The opening ceremony of the capital will be held in Novi Sad Synagogue at 6 p.m. The ceremony will last just over an hour, and the creation of the program is entrusted to Sonja Petrović, the director.

“During the creation of the programme for the Opening Ceremony, we tried to bring together the energy of young people and Novi Sad. Therefore, the programme will include different music tracks of famous people of Novi Sad as well as the poetry of popular poets from our city performed by young artists in a modern manner. Seemingly formal ceremony is transformed into an audio-visual spectacle which will witness about why Novi Sad has won this prestigious title”, Sonja Petrović, the director explains.

After that, the party will be held at Spens. World famous performers such as Jack Jones, Ofenbach and Mahmut Orhan will perform at the free of charge concert. The audience will also have the possibility to see domestic starts such as Van Gogh, Marko Louis and Halem Nejse, who will, apparently, mutually perform the hit “Kabadahija”, but also the new song “Idi”.

“We wanted to show everyone what the year of 2019 in Novi Sad will look like and for young people of Novi Sad to simply feel the spotlight of all of Europe which is currently upon them. The opening will be a spectacle but even after that there will be numerous programs with which we will surpass previous Youth Capitals”, Ivana Miloradov, OPENS PR says.

The tickets for the performance were free of charge but the registration was required and now there are out of stock! The visit of more than 10,000 young people is expected, and the programme should last from 8 p.m. until 4.30 a.m.

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