Workshop: Efficient Time Management at Time Bank

27 September Eđšeg, Antona Čehova 4

Iskoristite svoje zarađene sate u banci vremena, tako što ćete naučiti kako da uspešno rasporedite svoje vreme, stignete da ispunite sve svoje obaveze i na kraju budete zadovoljni sobom. 🤗


Workshop: How to Get Over a Breakup

24 September OPENS Office, Laze Telečkog 2

A research has shown that in the Western culture, to which we undoubtedly belong, the breakup of an emotional relationship is the largest stressor and stress trigger, after the death of a child. At this workshop, we will talk about why the breakup of an emotional relationship is one of the largest stressors in the […]


Workshop: Meet the Best Version of Yourself

19 September OPENS Office, Laze Telečkog 2

At the new workshop, we will talk about good sides and bad traits, good in bad traits and bad in good traits.  With the help of several creative games, we will see how to present ourselves the best, we will learn about how our opinions and learned behaviour influence others and ourselves. The workshop is […]


OPENS Camper

23 September Novi Sad

One of OPENS’s missions is to motivate people to be accomplished in the fields important to them. Since our camper needed a new look, we decided to send it to painting to the artists of Novi Sad. In the next two years, the camper will be one of the symbols of OPENS and will follow […]


OPENS Colour Festival

12th August Štrand

Regarding the International Youth Day on 12 August, we give you OPENS Colour Festival! For the first time in Novi Sad, we will organise the Colour Festival. This holiday is known to the Hindu culture worshipers, but for this occasion, the story is adjusted to the youth, the city, us. Originally, this holiday celebrates the […...

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