9 March Serbian National Theatre

“Who Killed Janice Joplin?” is an intriguing play with a lot of music which brings us back to the year of 1970, room no. 105 of the Hollywood’s Landmark Hotel, where Janice Joplin died at the age of only 27. The question is – WHO KILLED JANICE JOPLIN? Was it her family, friends, failed love, […]


BINS Presents: Live Library

8 December Novi Sad, Eđšeg Culture Station

Venue of the event: Eđšeg Culture Station, Antona Čehova 4, Novi Sad Date and time: 8 December 2019, at 5 p.m. Live Library works as the actual library, where the readers come to borrow a “book” for a certain period of time. There is one difference: books at the Live Library are people, who represent […]



6 December Novi Sad

Zanateka is a new, creative program for young people whose purpose is to gather young people around the idea of innovative approach in keeping the tradition, getting to know the citizens of Novi Sad and surrounding rural places, development of team spirit and solidarity – all that through art, handwork and traditional crafts o...



28 November Ešđeg Culture Station, Antona Čehova 4, Novi Sad

We want young people to know, to initiate activities, initiatives, ideas and to actively participate in all processes, including the decision-making processes. That is the society we want. Available data, at both regional and national level, now indicate that young people are not sufficiently introduced with mechanisms of protection...


“Protection and Safety of Children and Young People within Youth Work” Training

15 - 17 November Sremski Karlovci

How do we recognise and react in case of harassment of children and young people? How to create healthy and safe environment while working with young people? How to professionally protect young people and ourselves? How to create policies and what do they serve for? Those are only some of the questions whose answers will […]

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