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What Are Young People In Favour Of

30 October Arena Cinema

In order to talk about what young people are in favour of, we first had to research the trends in society, culture, education and free time among young people today and then to put the most inspiring people around the same table.

The following people are around the table:
Dunja Jovanić – an influencer, fashion blogger and YouTube vlogger and one of the pioneers of the occupation of the “modern age”. Her name and surname, and especially the acronym on social networks is known by almost all young generations who spend their hours, days and some even days on Instagram.

Duško Krstić – certified youth worker, trainer and mentor. Founder, activist and volunteer of Centre for Civic Actions and Foundation for Young People of Obrenovac. He is also the editor of the portal for young people YOUTH.RS.

Dalibor Petrović, PhD – Associate Professor of sociology at the University of Belgrade, especially interested in the field of sociology of electronic communications with the focus on social consequences of the use of the internet, about which he also conducts researches.

Location is Arena Cineplex, the date is 30 October and this is a panel within the Young People, Innovations and Trends conference organised by OPENS in partnership with YOUTH WORK CENTRE.

For what kind of contents are young people interested today? What habits do they have and where do they gain them? How they spend their free time? What are their interests today, and do they have them? How to make young people interested in certain contents? Who do young people follow and listen the most today? Who are their authorities, role models and idols today? How is youth work implemented in Serbia and how is work with young people implemented in the year of 2019?

At the panel, we will talk about who new young people who influence their peers are and what is the way they do that.