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Web Journalism – Move the Community

24 September OPENS Office, Laze Telečkog 2, Novi Sad

The purpose of OPENS Work Room of volunteers is to provide the space for volunteers and young activists to design activities for other young people.

On Tuesday, 24 September, we will hang out with volunteer Dušan Bogdanović who has come up with the workshop: “Web Journalism – Move the Community”.

The purpose of the workshop is to enable young people basic knowledge about web journalism and manners of interpreting online journalism. Also, the aspiration of the workshop is, apart from the basic knowledge, for the participants to gain practical experience of writing articles according to the strictly defined structure, and the best articles will be published at the web portal “Bor030”.

The participants will go through the basic terms of journalism, key words to which they should respond, and most common typos of journalists, as well as how to structure the wording and attract the attention of readers. Of course, through the workshop, young people will have the opportunity to identify the irregularities with certain wordings of famous websites and to discuss that (bad headings, click bait and non-content texts, relevance and reliability of what is written, etc.).

The applications are mandatory and will last until 23 September at 2 p.m. The selected participants will be sent the mail of the confirmation about the participation in the workshop on Tuesday, 24 September.

Application can be sent on the following LINK.

Time and place of the workshop: Laze Telečkog 2, Thursday 26 September, European Youth Capital Novi Sad.

OPENS Work Room is organized with the support of the web portal BOR939.NET. “Bor030” records visits of more than 4,000 people on daily basis, while in some months, it reaches 100,000 views. Apart from the informative, “Bor030” organizes the projects for young people in the cooperation with KOMS, whose member it is, as well as with other NVO organization partners. That should, of course, include countless workshops about web journalism, volunteers, workshops held within No Hate Speech campaign and other trainings useful for everyone aged 15 to 30.

“Bor030” skilfully uses its position of the read regional media for the expansion of tolerance, real values and youth policy to all citizens who read it.