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VII Conference About Human Trafficking “Support Circle”

18 October Startit Centre, Miroslava Antića 2, Novi Sad

On the occasion of the European Anti-Trafficking Day on Friday, 18 October 2019, in Novi Sad, at Startit Centre (Miroslava ANtić 2) with the beginning at 11 a.m., the VII Conference about Human Trafficking “Support Circle” will be organised.

This year’s conference is dedicated to the support system for the victims.

With the speakers from different support systems, we will talk about the manners they contribute to the fight against human trafficking, and primarily the support they offer to the victims. We will talk with the representatives of the prosecution, court, local teams, non-governmental organisations but also the peer group of activists NVO ATINA, who will talk about the need for support from their perspective.

The conference is organised by the Informal Youth Group “Freedom Has No Price” with the support of OPENS 2019 – EUROPEAN YOUTH CAPITAL NOVI SAD, Evangelical Student Association, Christien Unie and Christian Political Movement – ECPM.

The conference is of educational character and it is primarily intended for young people, students and future professions who will face the problems of human trafficking within their work, representatives of civil associations and institutions which deal with this topic.

The participants will have the chance to hear some of the most renowned professionals in this field within the following activities:

– INTERVIEW – About human trafficking from the first hand – Peer group NVO ATINA
– PANEL I – About human trafficking from the perspective of the profession
– PANEL II -About human trafficking from the perspective of the helpers
– INTERVIEW – About human trafficking from the perspective of prevention.

Certificates of participation, as well as mini cocktail will be ensured for all participants, where they will have the chance to informally discuss with the speakers, and PIC PIC CLOTHING will be in charge of the gifts for the participants.
The seating is limited and the application will last until all seats are unavailable.

The application can be completed at the following link HTTPS://FORMS.GLE/NGWHNKUKSYJMR84PA

After completing the questionnaire, you will receive the mail in which it will be confirmed if your application has been accepted.

For more information, you can contact us on or via telephone no. 060 70 54 893 (Dobrila Marković).