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The Largest Open Air Multimedia Quiz: Young People, Great Deeds

May 30. Trg slobode, Novi Sad

Come to the Liberty Square on 19 May and participate in THE LARGEST OPEN AIR MULTIMEDIA QUIZ which brings you:
300 m2 of multimedia spectacle at the facade of Vojvođanska bank
a lot of interesting information and questions about famous people of Novi Sad
an opportunity to win a voucher for a summer vacation in the amount of EUR 1,000

We are testing the famous quiz audience of Novi Sad, and we are making the old center of Novi Sad in the largest interactive quiz platform in the world.

More information www.mladiljudivelikadela.rs

We will show the segments from the lives of 5 famous people from Novi Sad – we transformed the ideas they created while they were young into plays which will be shown through a unique audio-visual performance on the facade of Vojvođanska bank, with the help of 3D mapping and animations, as well as actors.

After the presentation of each of the scenes, you will have the chance to give the right answer to the asked questions through a specially created web application and discover the secret person…and finally, to win a gift!

You will have to cooperate to manage to unlock the final, reward question by the creation of flash mob by your phones according to the instruction of the narrator!

The person who answers the last question the first is the winner and is a rewarded a valuable prize!

The rules are simple – no limitations in gender, age, number of participants or their readiness.

We challenge you to show your knowledge, enjoy the spectacle and learn if you have not by far – significant details from the lives of famous and acknowledged people from Novi Sad who have proved that even young people have the right and possibility to create great deeds and positive changes in society!

They moved the borders in the fields they dealt with while young and thereby showed that Novi Sad has always had great young people!

Bring your phones, knowledge, and desire to play and the best participant will win the trip in the value of EUR 1000!