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Premier of the “Six Portraits of Pavle Beljanski” Play

31 August Pavle Beljanski Museum

At Pavle Beljanski Museum, on Saturday, 31 August 2019 (from 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 7 p.m.) the premier of the play “Six Portraits of Pavle Beljanski”, organized by the “Mišolovka” Youth Theatre from Novi Sad will be held. The play is organized as a part of the “Youth Museum” project within the programme of European Youth Capital 2019 – OPENS, with the support of Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture Foundation.

The preparations began during the autumn of 2018, with the purpose of the improvement of museum programmes for young people. Through the method of the process drama, the participants used all material available (literature, exhibits, newspaper articles, audio and video recordings, photographs, letters, etc.),the collection and atmosphere of the Museum for the improvisation and creation of six scenes which are, according to their opinion and feeling, crucial in the life of Pavle Beljanski. Each story/topic is held at a separate exhibition segment of the museum. Going through the entire creative process surrounded by the works of the most significant Serbian artists of the 20th century, the actors created the play in honour and celebration of these renowned people, with the purpose of focusing on the exquisite examples of actions of an individual and significance of their contribution to the culture of a country.

The play is designed by mutual work of young actors of the “Mišolovka” Youth Theatre, drama and theatre educator Ibro Sakić and curator of the Museum, making one of the finals of the “Youth Museum” project. A part of the planned activities was implemented in cooperation with “Bogdan Šuput” School of Design, by opening the exhibition of the pupils’ works (opened until 8 September), while in the partnership with the “Umivanje” Civil Association from Novi Sad, pupils and students of different high-schools and faculties of Novi Sad will make a documentary film, which will be presented to the audience by the end of 2019.

Thanks to this project, young people are enabled to actively join the design, implemented and promotion of the culture offer of the city. This also highlights the importance of the engagement of museums in the education of young people and potentials which museum institutions and national cultural legacy have in that field.

ROLES: curator of the play, chief of protocol, Nedeljko Gvozdenović: Pavle Hrnčić; Pavle Beljanski: Marko Glišić/ Mihailo Vučević; Antonia Maraini, Vera Jovanović: Snežana Virijević; Jovan Bijelić, Jefto Perić: Jovan Kokotović; Zora Petrović: Emilija Vasović; Kosta Hakman: Marko Glišić; the pianist, model 1: Hana Gusić; Vida Mitrović, model 2, Anka Isaković: Milana Ćato; Dragana Cvetković, model 3: Teodora Vukša; anonymous: Vedrana Kasalica; Robert Švanke: Mihailo Vučević; the French: Petra Protić.

* Workshops attended by: Danijela Trifković, Mihailo Vučević, Snežana Virijević, Teodora Vukša, Emilija Vasović, Vedrana Kasalica, Marko Glišić, Ana Platiša, Helena Budimir, Jovan Kokotović, Milana Ćato, Pavle Hrnčić, Petra Protić, Sara Mitričević, Teodora Zvijer, Isidora Tadić, Jelena Laketić, Sofija Skendžić, Hana Gusić, Aleksandra Čučković, Sara Mitričević, Ines Kothai. Facilitation and dramatization: Ibro Sakić, msr.

*Entrance is free of charge, with mandatory registration, due to limited number of seats (20 people per play).

The attendance can be applied via telephone numbers: 021 528 185 and 021 472 99