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OPENS State of EXIT Zone

12 – 15th July The Petrovaradin Fortress

Welcome to the OPENS State of EXIT Zone!
The place which initiates discussions, place for fun, creative quarter and the most comfortable corner of the Fortress for relaxation during the 4 days of the 18th Exit Festival!

⁉️ What can you expect to find there? ⁉️

📽 Cinema
🚀 #EYC2019 VR woeld
📸 Photo booth
🏀 Best basketball with – Liman 3×3 Tesla Voda
🎮 XBOX fun
😎 Chill lazy bag zone
️🎨 Murals
💬 Discusions
💃🕺 ️🎶 Classes of dance and beat box
️🔭 Teleskope for romantic ones and stars
👀 Pixelata
👉 32 civil society organizations from all over the region who, in the most creative, fun, and most appropriate way, together with visitors, show what freedom and different types of freedom are.

Why ⁉️
In the year of her adult life, EXIT celebrates one of the greatest accomplishments of that time, which is above all personal freedom! Exit Fondation and OPENS 2019 – Omladinska prestonica Evrope Novi Sad make a call to the biggest party for the 18th birthday, that together, from one place we can clearly say: EXCLUSIVE FREEDOM!