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OPENS Living Room – “Guide for Digital Marketing”

17. April Arena Cineplex, Novi Sad

Instagram and Facebook are markets and places of gathering the target groups of different industries, corporations, enterprises and entrepreneurs, places where different brands live.
A lot of money, creativity, time and other resources are invested in these platforms, for the purpose of as successful sales of one’s product or service as possible.

Going to a grocery store, boutique, market is replaced by searching the homepages on Facebook and Instagram, searching the key #hashtag, and the use of billboard and printing leaflets by sponsoring posts on social networks.

At the OPENS Living Room “Guide for Digital Marketing”, we will talk about successful maintenance and use of social network and examples of good practice in the world of digital marketing with:

MILAN MAGLOV – @milanmaglov
MARIJA ANDRIC – @marija.andric.photography

We will talk about:
*Significance of the promotion on social network in business world, the content of such promotion and the tools for the creation and placement of the content and how the effects are measures

*Significance and role of an influencer in the world of digital marketing, their engagement in digital campaigns of popular brands and value of the message transferred by influencers via social networks

*Understanding of the significance of digital marketing and social networks for the development, popularity and placement of a product and services from the experience of different brands.

Participation in the discussion is free of charge. Everyone interested can take their tickets at Arena Cineplex, at the teller desk 1, between 4 April and 17 April, every day between 9 a.m. and 23 p.m.
One person can take up to 3 tickets, on his/her name.

See you! ☺