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20 - 22 September Master Centar, Novi Sad Fair

Do you have a mission? Do you face great challenges? Are you a representative of the civil society organization with the focus on youth organizations and organizations for young people? If you are a representative of an office or institution which works with young people or even an owner of a small or medium enterprise, and a representative of the company which operates with corporate social responsibility, we would like to invite you to the only fundraising congress of this type in Serbia – OPENS FundCon.

The agenda of the congress is designed to respond to the needs of civil sector, to encourage discussions and provide different perspectives of the topic of sustainability.

The first day of the Congress is dedicated to marketing strategies, the second day is reserved for fundraising and the third to human resources.

During the three days of September, for the first time in Novi Sad, we gather people from Dublin from where the lecturers of LinkedIn are coming, through two Unova agencies (UNIDO and UNICEF) to the giants from which we can learn, such as CocaCola, VIP, Smart Kolektiv, Execom, Catalyst etc.

We will guide you through a set of workshops, masterclasses, sessions, panels and resource cafés, but with coffee and cakes.

The detailed plan, programme, line-up as well as manner of registration can be found at the website: HTTPS://FUNDCON.OPENS2019.RS/