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OPENS Exhibition: Bangladesh

2 October OPENS Office, Laze Telečkog 2

IThe exhibition is one of the activities of OPENS Youth Club named “OPENS on the Road”. It is displaced youth work, on the activities which youth sector does not implemented at the premises of Youth Club, but we execute our activities directly with young people, members of vulnerable groups and young people who live at places remote from the city centre, suburb, suburban areas, who do not have equal opportunities to actively participate in the contents offered by OPENS.

The initial idea for the exhibition appeared during the participation in the “Brave New You” project, executed by YEU organisation. The activity is a part of the local strategy which will be a response to hate speech towards young Roma in the local community. Before the exhibition, we have implemented an activity in the Roma area – Bangladesh, after OPENS Youth Sector and its volunteers visited the Roma areas – Bangladesh with the idea to connect the young participants of the general population and to integrate them with young members of Roma population. During our visit to the Roma area, OPENS volunteers and young Roma people mutually executed and participated in
different sport, creative and fun activities, met each other and exchanged impressions and experience.

Our talented volunteers Katarina Agbaba and Dušan Živić recorded the most beautiful moments.
Katarina took photos of amazing moments, and Dušan made a video of numerous fun and exciting moments. As the product of our activity at Bangladesh, apart from nice and emotional gathering, exchange of impressions and execution of different activities, there are amazing Katarina’s photos and Dušan’s video which present our experience, more clearly than words.

Now, we would like to invite you to visit OPENS Office at Laze Telečkog 2 on 2 October, where we will exhibit the photos and show the video from the activities at Bangladesh, and thereby, you will get the opportunity to meet the work and experience of our volunteers, as well as young Roma people who participated in the activities with us.

The duration of the exhibition: 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.


Link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/250617648977631/