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OPENS Colour Festival 2019

12 August Štrand, Novi Sad

Get ready for the most colourful party in town, 12 August at Štrand, because together, we are celebrating the INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY!
YOU can transform colours NOW!

You, now:
have the right to colour the world the way you see it
have the right to change that world
have the right to take things into your hands
have the right to transform your energy and creativity into colours.

To show us who you are and colour us in that – it is about you now!

YOU NOW!!! OPENS Colour Festival
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4 p.m. – 6 p.m. all visitors will visit the stands with the organizations which will have different activities and workshops
Warming up for the party starts at 5 p.m.
First throwing of the colours is expected around 6 p.m.
The party will last until 11 p.m. so everyone will have the chance to come by and enjoy our festival

Bring your team and let’s show everyone that the world is not black and white, but that its essence is in everything else – colours. You choose the colour, we choose a DJ that fits you, which is why we have invited the well-known team WET DREAMS.

We are waiting for you at the most colourful party by the Danube, to colour the everyday lives into something that stands out in comparison to other 365 days.
Because this is one day, our day, the day when we colour the city, colour the emotions and colour ourselves.

So that they know that we exist.
So that they know in how many colours we are.
And so that they know that we are ready for new wins.
Because, 12 August is our day, INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY-
Štrand full of colourful young people!
YOU can transform skills NOW!

Non-governmental organisations which deal with the transformation of education will present themselves to the visitors from 4 p.m. and show, in a practical manner, how they transform education every day, which is the topic of this year’s International Youth Day.

The entrance to the most colourful party is free of charge, and all visitors will have the chance to do some good. Instead of paying the entrance, you will have the chance to donate the money in charities within the regular action of the Štrand Beach – Humanitarian Monday.

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