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My Hero Competition for Volunteers – TV Production

7 June by midnight

The competition for volunteers interested in the TV production of the “Hero” show, which will be executed within the “MY HERO” project is currently on.

Young people aged 16 to 25, interested in the process of filming the TV show “Hero” are invited to apply for the competition for volunteers by the application form which can be found HERE. The competition is opened by 7 June at midnight.
The selected candidates will participate in the preparations, filming and post-production of the series of 6 short shows of up to 10 minutes with the author team, and thereby see how the creative process looks like, which are its phases, how long it lasts and what skills and qualifications are necessary in this field.
The idea of the project is to investigate the social values, and potential role models of today’s young people from their direct environment will be presented by the “Hero” show. The series of the show will be broadcasted at the television, but also distributed on social networks.
The show wants to encourage solidarity among our citizens, deepen mutual understanding and respect of needs of the young and elderly ones, and promote positive values and nice inspiring stories.
The “My Hero” project is executed by the Cinema City Association in cooperation with OPENS2019.