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LECTURE: Invisible Children

19 October “Savršena mama” Parenting School, Jevrejska 19, Novi Sad
Did you know that sometimes, on very rare occasions, children are born with both genders? In Novi Sad, around 5 babies like that are born every year.
Due to the environment we live in, these things are not talked about and are hidden, because that phenomena is considered a “shame” in our society, and parents who are not informed enough subject children to surgeries at the earliest age, in order to hide the fact that their child is “weird”.
They decide which gender the child will take, and such children often later feel that they are trapped in someone else’s body.
On Saturday, 19 October, at 6 p.m. we will have a lecture about that, from a man who was born as a baby with two genders long time ago and who today, has the mission to educate the parents not to make mistakes his parents might have made.
The workshop is organised at the “Savršena mama” Parenting School at Jevrejska 19, and the applications are mandatory at the email: .