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Invictus challenge

30 August - 1 September SPENS, outdoor pool

Invictus challenge is a competition divided in three challenges, where the competitors fight in three different terms, at three different tours to finish the race, conquering different natural and artificial obstacles.

The purpose of this competition, which is organised in Novi Sad for the first time, is for a competitor to unify a medal consisting of three parts. The competitor wins a part of the medal after the successfully finished each individual challenge.

Every competitor who applies to Invictus Challenge | Pool (SPENS) competes in the team of 12 members. You can organise the team yourself, or join a team which the organizer will organize for all competitors who do not have a team.

Štrand – 9 June 2019 |sand – O

SPENS Pool – 30 August – 1 September 2019 | water (all obstacles are in the water)

Fruška gora – November | “Joy and Pleasure” Route at Popovica (4.100m)

  • Regular price – RSD 2,000
  • Promotional price for the participants of the challenge at Štrand – RSD 1,500

Apply via THIS link:

* O The right to apply for the promotional price, in the period between 18 June and 18 July, is given to participants who were a part of the challenge at Štrand, so that they can complete the 3 segments of the finishing medal. When you send the application, you will get an email with the confirmation about the application and information for the payment of registration fee. When you pay for the registration fee, you will be applied to Invictus Challenge.


Finishing medal


Chocolate bar


O: Nedeljko Rodić – +381 65 52 68 120

O: Number of applications for Invictus Challenge | Pool (SPENS) is limited to 120 competitors or 10 teams of up to 12 members. Each team can contain 7 male and 5 female competitors in its team.

Of 10 applied teams, 2 selected teams will go directly to the finals on 1 September 2019, while the first four teams will compete on 30 August, and the remaining 4 teams on 31 August. 4 teams in total, 2 selected by a draw and 1 team, winner of each qualification day will compete in the finals.

By application, you accept to compete on your own responsibility and to waive each responsibility from the organizer.

Link to the Facebook EVENT.