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Front’s Film Workshops

27 September by midnight

Kino klub Novi Sad and OPENS invite you to Front’s Film Workshops!

If you have an idea which you would like to implement in a short film, apply to the workshop of film scenario and direction!

If you want to make films, or to improve your knowledge so that your videos can look better, the workshop of film camera is the right thing for you!

If you dream of becoming a successful film producer, to walk the red carpet in Cannes, Venice or Berlin, the workshop of film production is the right beginning for you!

If you want to excel in film theory, to find out what makes a film a piece of art or simply to learn what you should pay attention to while watching films, the workshop of film critics is here!

The application for Front’s Film Workshops is opened by 27 September 2019 by midnight via website HTTP://FILMFRONT.RS/

Short description of the workshops:

Film Scenario and Direction Workshop
This workshop is intended for all those who have an idea and want to implement it in a short film.
Within the first part of the workshop, we will work on writing a film scenario for a short film of up to 5 minutes. In cooperation with the mentor, the participants will develop their ideas, learn basic rules of dramaturgy and structure of a film scenario, as well as the rules of form in which a scenario is written. The mentor of this workshop is Katarina Todorović, professor of film scenario at the dramaturgy department of Art Academy in Novi Sad.

In the second part of the workshop, we will, based on the two most successful scenarios, film and produce films which will have their big screen premiers within this year’s Film Front. The mentor of this workshop is Filip Markovinović, film and theatre director.
If you do not have an idea for a scenario, but you want to follow the workshop – that is OK too, you can watch the process of writing, ask questions, and then participate in filming as an actor or a part of the team.

Film Camera Workshop
The workshop is intended for the participants who want to learn basic rules of filming, but also to improve the knowledge they already have. If you want to record short clips, documentary films, vlogs or if you want your stories to be professional, this is the right workshop for you. The purpose of the workshop is for you to learn how to set the parameters on the camera, how to set light, how to film in nature, in the daytime or during the night. The mentor of this workshop is Aleksa Ramadanović, professor at Art Academy in Novi Sad and director of photography of several films.

Film Production Workshop
At this workshop, the participants will have the chance to go through the entire filming process through practice – from producer’s reading to the premier and promotion of the film. If you are communicative, if you have organizational skills, like to organize events and want to see how working on a film actually looks like, this is the right workshop for you. The mentor of this workshop is Nina Latinović, the head of NFC Kino klub Novi Sad, film and theatre producer and event manager.

Film Critics Workshop
If you see something more than entertainment in a film, this is the right workshop for you! During the workshop, the participants will go through the basis of film theory, film genres and types, learn about significant elements of a film, how to recognise what a piece of art is and why. The workshop is ideal for all those who like film and who would like to learn more about it. In the end of the workshop, the participants will have the chance to try to write a film critics at this year’s Film Front. Also, the participants of this workshop will give a special reward to a film for which they estimate is the most successful one.

The mentor of this workshop is Neda Gojković, the playwright from Belgrade, author of several rewarded theatre plays and film scenarios.

Front’s Film Workshops will be held from 1 October until 27 October 2019, at times which will be agreed on subsequently.