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Creative Europe 2019 Forum

16-17. May Svilara Culture Station

The topic of this year’s Forum is: how can projects and models of organisation in culture encourage cooperation, fighting against hate, stereotypes and different forms of social inequality. With the idea of necessity of empowering cooperation and connection, the Forum is organised through partnerships in three cities (Novi Sad, Niš, Belgrade) and it includes horizontal manners of learning, exchange, inclusion and connection of domestic and international professionals.

The programme of the Forum is organised in three blocks, which will be organised in all three cities: Critical Thinking and Media Literacy, Participative Management in Culture, Horizontal Knowledge.

At the time of questioning the model of the future social functioning of our continent, the necessity for further development of democratic governance principles, empowerment of autonomy of decision-makers in culture as well as the capacities for critical thinking and acting has been recognised. There will be a word about the concepts like mutual governance, participations, local communities, co-creation as well as about the implementation of participative models of governance in culture, and examples of good practice will be shown (e.g. application of Faro Convention) and guidelines for the implementation of such models here will be defined.

The programme called Horizontal Knowledge consists of trainings of domestic and international professionals in culture in the fields relevant for the Creative Europe programme (development of audience, new technologies in culture, culture tourism etc.) as well as peer-to-peer open platform for the exchange of knowledge and skills among professionals in culture. This segment of the programme will be organised based on the competition – invitation to professionals to propose their trainings, workshops, programmes.

In all three cities, presentations of successful projects in the Creative Europe 2018 programme will be organised, as well as training for applying for the Creative Europe programme, consultations about project ideas, presentations of different source of financing in culture, artistic programs and cocktails. Within the accompanying program, formation of e-library will be organised – the publications which deals with the topic of culture cooperation, whose publishers are domestic organisations in culture. Since that in 2019, Novi Sad is European Youth Capital, a separate part of the programme will be dedicated to the peer-to-peer transfer of skills and knowledge.
The main partners of the Forum are The City of Niš, the Young Ambassadors Niš association, Novi Sad 2021 Foundation, OPENS – European Youth Capital 2019, EU Info Network and traditionally, Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation.