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Contest for the Implementation of Youth Ideas in A Community

as of 30 September

Get ready!

The idea is here – just say how

If you have an idea how to improve something in your environment, how to solve a problem, settle the need which your community has, or if you just know a good way for you and your friends to spend some free time and how you and your community can benefit from that, than “LOKOMOTIVA” is the right thing for you!

What is a “LOKOMOTIVA”?

Youth program for the empowerment of young people for active joining in social life.

Who can apply?

Informal groups of young people from the territory of Novi Sad (and all suburbs). There must be at least two of you, and at least one person has to be older than 18 years.

How will “LOKOMITVA” support your idea?

It will enable everything you stated you needed for the idea (printing of posters for the announcement of your activity, purchase of the office and educational materials, different props etc.); it will organise the education where you will learn how to implement the actions “step by step”; you will get a mentor who will be with you during the entire process of the implementation and they will help you not to forget anything with their experience.

What kind of ideas does “LOKOMOTIVA” support?

You choose the topics yourself!
Last year, we supported the exchange of books, demonstration of the model of greening an urban space, workshops of the preparation of healthy food and yoga for people with mental difficulties, public training and lecture about the Quidditch game, nights of social games for young people and young parents and their children, projections of films of School of Visual Anthropology, workshops about educational social games, projections of films about the integration of the representatives of national minorities in society, lecture about birds in urban environments, workshops of creating bird houses, focus groups with pupils of high-schools about the prevention of suicide among young people, training and recording of podcasts, workshops of the creation/transformation of wardrobe to male and female medieval uniforms, dance workshops, workshops of story-telling approach to journalism and exhibition of works made within the workshop.

How to apply?

By filling-out the application questionnaire which can be found here.

Until when is the Contest open?

The final deadline is 30 September. But we encourage you to apply as soon as you can and to get the chance to improve your idea, if necessary, and to ensure support!

Form for the application can be found HERE.

The “LOKOMOTIVA 2018” program is implemented by associations “HMM…”, “BalkanIDEA Novi Sad” and “Centre for Educational-Creative Youth Development CEKRO”.
The project is implemented with the support of OPENS 2019 program, which is co-financed by the funds of The City of Novi Sad, Provincial Secretariat for Sport and Youth of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and the Ministry of Culture and Information, as well as with the support of City Management for Sports and Youth – Youth Office, within the implementation of the execution of Local Action Plan of Youth Policy of The City of Novi Sad for the year of 2019.