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BRIDGE VS CHESS: Young Bridge Builders of Friendship(s) in Competition

17 October Rectorate of the University of Novi Sad, Dr Zorana Đinđića 1

Bridge and chess are both board games and thought sports, and unfortunately, with the “gaming” industry more and more powerful, as well as “board games”, these very important games and sports lose popularity.

Our idea is to reaffirm the significance of these games (“mind sports”) which are proved to increase the level of logical conclusion, help with the assessment, but also the development of more adequate strategy at work, both at the “success” level and at the level of life and health itself. That is confirmed by the fact that no bridge player has ever suffered from dementia.

Even though chess is an older and more spread game about which more or less everything is known, it is important to say that there are more books written about bridge, that there are bridge universities around the world, bridge as a subject in schools, as well as that this game is played in pairs who should “build the bridge” between them, developing the ability of communication, based on the previously defined agreements only.

Our idea is to attract more “new young people” around the tables with “green cloth, screens and boards”, i.e. chess boards by direct promotion of the manner in which the competitions of these sports are played.

In this project, all relevant institutions from the territory of Novi Sad in the world of chess and bridge will participate. At this event, we will promote both positive values which these games bring, such as fair play, and our activities, competitions but also international success and successful young sportsmen, who travelled around the world, and who do not lack medals and trophies.

You will have the chance to get all first-hand information about these the most lucid, and a bit mystical and archaic but definitely current thought games.

We would like to invite you all to attend the demonstration of the manner, process and methodologies which are used within these sports at both competitions and at preparations, organisations etc. at the hall of the Rectorate in Novi Sad, Dr Zorana Đinđića 1 and to hear more about numerous, but maybe not that much noticed successes of these sportsmen and to directly hear about their experience, as well as what is positive that bridge and chess offer us for the development of our spirit and body.

This project is, at the same time, promotion of the first official international competition in bridge which is organised at the Republic of Serbia, which is the 12th European Championship of Small Federations organised by Small Federations Games which will be held in Novi Sad at Ribarsko ostrvo from 20 until 23 October.

The project is organised by Vojvodina Bridge Association in cooperation with Chess Association Novi Sad and ŠK Pravi potez.

The project is supported by: University of Novi Sad, OPENS2019, ESN Novi Sad, “Novosadski bridž klub”, “NS-1” Bridge Club, “Panonija” Bridge Club, “Bubamara” Chess School, ŽŠK “Dame”.