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“Books Brothers, Books, Not Bells and Jingles”: International Day of Students

17 November University Rectorate

For almost 80 years, 17 November is celebrated as the International Day of Students, in the memory of the night when the Nazis entered the Check universities, killed students and sent them to concentration camps in 1939.

Today, this day is celebrated by student organisations in the entire world.

In Novi Sad, European Youth Capital for this year, celebration of the day of students, under the slogan “Books Brothers, Books, Not Bells and Jingles”, OPENS is organising at the Central Building of the University of Novi Sad in cooperation with Student Parliament of the University of Novi Sad and student organisations.

“In the year when The City of Novi Sad holds the title of the European Youth Capital for the year of 2019, we want to highlight the cooperation with institutions and student organisations, as well as students who have offered us support in the process before the winning of the title, but also upon winning it, in the implementation for, now, dozens of events, conferences, workshops, trainings where we reached more than 240,000 young people in Novi Sad, Serbia and the region through programs we have organised individually, but also though numerous partnerships”, Nataša Igić, OPENS2019 Institution Cooperation Coordinator says.

On that day, the hall of the premises of the Rectorate will be transformed to the Fair of Student Organisations, and other premises will serve as the debate podiums. The debate will be in the form of shorten American parliament debate. The teams should include three members, providing that one member is a replacement member.

The motive based on which the topics of the debates will be formed will be quote of Dositej Obradović “Books Brothers, Books, Not Bells and Jingles”.

The prizes are ensured for the best speakers, as well as for top three teams.

Applications are opened until Friday, 15 November 2019, and the number of teams is limited.