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The ‘European Youth Capital’ is a title awarded to a European city for the period of one year, during which it is given the chance to showcase, through a multi-faceted programme, its youth-related cultural, social, political and economic life and development.

The EYC initiative encourages cities to both continue and expand the implementation of new ideas and innovative projects with regard to the active participation of young people within their society, and seeks to present a role model for the further development of youth policies in other European municipalities.

The EYC initiative aims at strengthening the relationship between the European and local levels, fostering youth participation at the local level by applying common European objectives regarding youth policy. The title aims to demonstrate the complementary nature of European, national and local citizenship, especially regarding youth.


The overall goal of “OPENS19” is: creating more opportunities for youth by youth, empowering them to become pro-active initiators of positive changes, introducing innovative ideas not only in Novi Sad, but also on a national and international level.

Our goals are:

  • Celebrate diversity: As an intercultural and open-minded city, NS will incorporate the spirit of inter-culturalism as one of the main programme priorities. Demostrating good practices from the policy and grass-root level, the city aims to be a positive example of “co-life” at European level. The city is a regional example of intercultural cooperation and coexistence of 26 different nationalities.
  • Prove commitment to the “European project” and its values: EYC is an additional opportunity to promote European values and EU integration of Serbia. NS and Serbia are a part of the European family. Many past events, (Universiade, Exit, Regional cultural festivals) have proven that the city has the capacities, expertise, and volunteers to become a “standards’ setter”. Respecting the supporting policy framework, diversified infrastructure and programs for youth, the excellent cooperation amongst all relevant stakeholders and euphoria of NS youth to develop this application, the City of NS has decided to run for EYC19.
  • Get closer to young people in building innovative and needs’ based youth policies: NS can be a pioneer in the European context by introducing a permanent “youth co-management structure” as decision-making body when defining priorities in youth policies in the city of NS. The only guarantee for youth based policies in place is the inclusion of all young people, especially the ones who are not involved in youth organizations or political parties. City of NS and youth are motivated to work on this process, supporting the innovative and youth based policies because this is the only way to keep young people in Serbia, which is a highly devastated country since the violent wars.
  • Fostering youth activism and participation: “Opening doors” is an invitation to young people to take an active role in shaping their own future by influencing local community life and its political processes by creating new and innovative initiatives aiming to improve autonomy and access to rights of youth. OPENS19 will support young people willing to participate in and be the generators of change inside the decision-making processes.

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